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Steps Of Writing A Definition Essay

Select a Word: A topic is the first requirement of a definition essay. You should choose an abstract name with deep, philosophical meaning.

  • A simple word is a single definition that will give you little content for your essay.
  • Nouns that refer to a person, place, or thing are often too simple. Instead, research definition essay topics, concept or emotion.
  • It is important that you do not use the word with multiple meanings.
  • It should not be the same for everyone. It is subjective because it requires writers to interpret the word from your perspective.
  • Be sure to make your analysis different from other analysts.
  • Choose to highlight an angle that is not well-known.
  • The word should be well-known. An inept analysis of the phrase will result in a lack of depth.
  • Find out the meaning of the phrase in the dictionary by reading the dictionary.
  • Reading a dictionary will give you an idea of the best way to create a formal and academic definition.
  • You can also use the dictionary's definitions as a guideline for adding your facts.
  • You can create an interesting essay by choosing words that have two meanings. Make sure to use relatable stories.

Write a Analysis: Split your word into various parts like suffixes, prefixes, root words, etc.

  • Use your own words to describe each part of the name. Analyze each part of the term using techniques like classification and negation.
  • This strategy will only work if terms can be broken down into smaller parts.
  • This method, for example, does not allow the word 'love to be broken down.
  • You can compare the phrase to other unknown words, which all mean the same thing, but are rarely used by anyone.
  • Comparing can make your essay more interesting to your readers.
  • Negation can be used to explain the meaning of your term and highlight the difference.
  • To explain the origins of the term, the etymology (also called the background history) can be used. It will also tell you from which other word it was derived, what the root language, etc.

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